COVID-19 Vaccination

Lets us break the covid-19 chain

The importance of getting vaccinated.


Let's hear why we need to inject vaccines or get vaccinated.

Anda Tanya Kami Jawab : Mengapa perlu menyuntik vaksin atau vaksinasi?

Identify the types of COVID-19 vaccines

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There are more vaccine candidates simultaneously in the pipeline for COVID-19 than ever before for an infectious disease. All of them are trying to achieve the same thing – immunity to the virus, and some might also be able to stop transmission. They do so by stimulating an immune response to an antigen, a molecule found on the virus. In the case of COVID-19, the antigen is typically the characteristic spike protein found on the surface of the virus, which it normally uses to help it invade human cells.

Administration of COVID-19 vaccines

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How Are Vaccines Given To The Public?

Anda Tanya Kami Jawab : Bagaimana Cara Vaksin diberikan kepada Orang Awam?

The way vaccines work in the body

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